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Married to the Marshes is a poetry and art project set in the Essex and Suffolk landscape celebrating hidden female voices both real and reimagined.

Through interviews, research, field trips, local literature, and collaborations with other artists, the goal is to publish a poetry book titled Married to the Marshes within a year.

If you would like to be involved as an interviewee, local historian, artist, or just to share your thoughts, please get in touch.

This site will capture my findings as I go, and it is hoped that it will become an inspirational resource for people in the local area, particularly women.

Any profits will be donated to

Poetry and Prose by Lelia Goldsmith

Memory Maps

The techniques I apply in my work are inspired by the literary movement psychogeography, or memory mapping. It is concerned with the relationship between people and place, and capturing the spirit of place. It is a genreless genre which sits somewhere between travel writing, fiction, history, and journal writing. It is not welded to any particular form although it is said to have evolved from the essay writing tradition. For me as a writer it is all about the Essex and Suffolk landscapes and their female inhabitants past or present, real or imagined. If you would like to find out more you can visit the V&A website.

Kayak Woman

This little poem is about my friend in Wivenhoe who loves kayaking more than anyone I know. It is shaped like the river, and the verse in italics represents the woman in her kayak. The structure is kind of a deconstructed Quennet developed by Phil Terry from the...

Fragments of Genova

I went to a beautiful country wedding this weekend where I met some wonderful people with mixed heritage and it reminded me of this poem. I wrote it as part of a collection of poems based on interviews with local women, however this one reflects some of my own...

The Petrified Forest

Here is a response to a visit yesterday to the Petrified Forest in Mundon which was recommended to me by a friend from Wivenhoe. I found it beautiful rather than scary, but I still could not resist the temptation to pen a spooky poem. One theory is that the trees...

A Short Film About Dyslexia

I had a bit of trouble reading my poems at Wild About Wivenhoe yesterday because of the background noise. I got chatting about it to a fellow dyslexic friend in the Black Buoy last night, and he set me the challenge of writing a poem about my dyslexia. So here is a...

The Giantess – a response

This picture Leonora Carrington’s The Giantess, c1947 stopped me in my tracks this evening. Sorry about the image, I should not really be lifting it anyway! I am not sure any of us can explain why a particular work of art captures us, but when it happens it is...