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This picture Leonora Carrington’s The Giantess, c1947 stopped me in my tracks this evening. Sorry about the image, I should not really be lifting it anyway!

I am not sure any of us can explain why a particular work of art captures us, but when it happens it is wonderful.

Here is a little poem in response.

The Giantess

These feet are dainty but leaden

see how they pillow the earth?

My body is big because my heart is heavy,

childish features betray my true nature.

A fortuneteller once told me that I would always love two men,

and so I hold this little egg to protect me,

make it into tempera –

paint a new fate on my crinoline dress

my stories come to life around me

and leave me,

swans, geese, cormorants,

their wild twists lift my hair in dance

little feathers stinging with goodbyes.

I am in your dreams

you still recognise me,

even from the moment you let go

in your moonlit boat.

The owl made no sense that night

but still you kept going.

We all have young eyes in the dark –

straddle the land and sea

invaded by soldiers, our own monsters

too big to be destroyed.

Until the morning when we grow small again,

pop our hearts back in a cage.