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Married to the Marshes is a poetry and art project set in the Essex and Suffolk landscape celebrating hidden female voices both real and reimagined.

Through interviews, research, field trips, local literature, and collaborations with other artists, the goal is to publish a poetry book titled Married to the Marshes within a year.

If you would like to be involved as an interviewee, local historian, artist, or just to share your thoughts, please get in touch.

This site will capture my findings as I go, and it is hoped that it will become an inspirational resource for people in the local area, particularly women.

Any profits will be donated to

Poetry and Prose by Lelia Goldsmith

Memory Maps

The techniques I apply in my work are inspired by the literary movement psychogeography, or memory mapping. It is concerned with the relationship between people and place, and capturing the spirit of place. It is a genreless genre which sits somewhere between travel writing, fiction, history, and journal writing. It is not welded to any particular form although it is said to have evolved from the essay writing tradition. For me as a writer it is all about the Essex and Suffolk landscapes and their female inhabitants past or present, real or imagined. If you would like to find out more you can visit the V&A website.

All the Tattoos I Never Had

I am still enjoying The Way the Crocodile Taught Me by Katrina Naomi this week. I love her honest and playful reflections on growing up, and the experimental storytelling such as in Step-father Graph. Over the summer I am going to try out some contemporary themes and...

100 Words on Orford Ness

A 100 word response to a derive with my classmates to Orford Ness, soon to be published as part of a group project on the Wild Easters blog.   100 Words on Orford Ness   A bomb intact a son unborn summer on the castle lawn broken bones and unworn boots shiver cries...


This week I was lucky enough to see Katrina Naomi read at Poetry Wivenhoe. One of her fantastic poems The Bicycle from The Way the Crocodile Taught Me tackles the shock and dissociation experienced after rape or sexual violence. I also saw Catherine Hoffmann perform...

A quick poem – Wuthering Heights

I really should be working on my university assignment today but when you have another poem in your head it is hard to concentrate. I mainly wrote this about Andrea Arnold's updated take on Emily Brontë's classic tale which I really loved for its rawness.   Wuthering...


Married to the Marshes has a manifesto. It's a poem in the form of a Quennet, a sonnet like structure developed by Phil Terry Director of the Centre for Creative Writing at the University of Essex. I recently took part in a workshop with Phil at the Radical Writing...

The Last House

The Last House is a response to The Nearest House, an etching by Mersea artist Elizabeth Morris. Writers have been inspired to write poems about works of art since Greek times. Ecphrasis means an often passionate response to a visual piece of art, and it has been well...